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Attention Earthlings!!! A very puzzling mystery began today at sleepy Paradise Cove when seventeen surfers saw smelly, local youth, Stinker, sucked up by  a UFO.  Local eccentric Lucy Shawl and her fourteen year old niece Alice say, “Don’t Panic! – aliens  are coming but they mean us no harm.”  Police are investigating.

Join Aunt Lucy, Alice, Stinker and Constable Sniff in Jigsaw Puzzle, a fun play of mystery and intrigue.

Suitable for performance by children / students aged 9 and upwards. Also suitable for performance by adults for children.



Meet Billy. Billy is frightened of shadows. Especially the shadow at his feet, the one that follows him around and haunts his every step. Who is this shadow and what does it want? Follow Billy on his comical and moving adventure as he learns about himself, life and the secret of his shadow. Also meet Billy’s mum, Bridget the Bruiser, a bank robber…plus many, many others.

Adapted from the original for use with students for class reading & school performance. Ideal for teachers seeking a play for young people (aged 9 and upwards) that has a large cast and provides roles for a range of talents. Employs mime & role play and offers fun opportunities for vocal work. Has a tight, dramatic structure and a strong, intriguing narrative.



Gasp, eek, shock and horror! Warning – dramatic rats at large!

See, as Daddy Rat, Mummy Rat and Sonny Rat have their very agreeable lives upset by Rebel Rat, Mauler the Cat and the sinister new Science Teacher.

Set in a rat’s cage in a school science laboratory “Rats!” is a satirical look at humans as revealed through the antics of a family of rats. Issues include racism, chauvinism, bullying, anti-vivisection and fear of freedom.

A funny, energetic and thought provoking play.

Suitable for performance by children / students aged 9 and upwards.

Also suitable for performance by adults for children.



“A Rat’s Tale” is the sequel to “Rats!”, although it stands independently as a play. The rat family, having escaped the horrors of the school science laboratory, have landed in a rat utopia called “Freedom”. But “Freedom” is not what it used to be. Freedom is living through troublesome times – teenage gangs and lawlessness reign, while a plot is hatched by the villianous Dirty Rat to take over the place. A play within a play, join our hero Sonny Rat and his family of actor rats as they perform their cautionary tale of the Troubles and the destruction of Freedom.

“A Rat’s Tale”, like its predecessor, is very high energy, physical, knockabout comedy and good fun for audience and actors alike. It can be performed professionally by actors in a theatre or by students in a school situation.

Suitable for performance by children / students aged 9 and upwards.

Also suitable for performance by adults for children.



A boatshed fire; a pack of mysterious killer whales that haunt the bay; an embittered, bereaved father; a mother’s ghost; a high-spirited daughter who refuses to become a lady; a son who hates the cruelty of whaling and dislikes the sight of blood; a clairvoyant old woman; a shadowy, sinister stranger and a bumbling police sergeant – these are some of the ingredients that make “Adventure at Whalers Bay” such enthralling entertainment in the Enid Blyton tradition.

“Adventure at Whalers Bay” is set in the early 1900’s in a small bay whaling town, based on Eden, News South Wales, where for more than a century real killer whales aided and abetted humans to herd and hunt whales. With its moody seaside atmosphere and strong evocation of a bygone era, “Adventure at Whalers Bay” is a rattling good yarn of mystery and revenge.

Suitable for theatre production.



Kamikaze Kate has been performed by professional actors for general audiences and by students in school productions in Australia and the USA. It is entertaining and easy to stage and makes an ideal choice for teachers seeking a text for their students to perform in drama festivals and/or school productions.

Kamikaze Kate (and the Sword of Captain Kuroda) is a lively, anti-war play in which schoolgirl Kate, a girl who loves war, finds the ghost of a Japanese soldier hiding under her bed.

It is a play in one-act for six actors (mixed gender), but can be performed by four actors (by doubling) if required.

It is suitable for performance by children/students aged 9 and upwards. It is intended for audiences aged 5-12 years. It is suitable for both theatre and school productions. Its running time is approximately 45-50 mins.

The play can be purchased from the following sources:
Dramatic Publishing Company (USA)*
Amazon Books

*USA and Canada – purchase of script and licence for performance is available from the Dramatic Publising Company

Kamikaze Kate is on the following list of approved performance texts in USA:

University Interscholastic League