Plays for Adults


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A journey through space, time & emotion.”Grand Tour” has four strong roles for women. It is the story of two sisters, Eve and Ruby, as they set out on their European tour. Set in Sydney in the 1950’s and London in the 1990’s, the play moves between the past, when as newly arrived immigrants from England they settle in Australia, and the present, when as tourists they return to London at the beginning of their Grand Tour. It is a journey from youth to later years, a journey filled with much humour and feeling.Full length play.



Promotion time. Three people, one job. “Law of the Jungle” by John Summons is a satirical comedy about Machiavellian monkey business in the office. Simian politics in modern life. Underneath our civilised masks we are closer to our primate cousins than we think.One-act play.



Two lonely, broken people at odds with each other. She is selling sex; while he is trying to buy love.”Two in a Room” is a bizarre encounter between a prostitute and her client. One-act play.First produced as a radio adaptation for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Radio National.



It is 1968. The Vietnam conflict rages. The Gods of War once more require the sacrifice of sons. Jim, a fifteen year old schoolboy, armed only with a rich imagination and a lively, irreverent sense of humour, gallantly resists the efforts of home, school and society to brutalise his nature and prepare him for the role of sacrificial lamb.Full length play.

It is set in Sydney in 1968, but its theme is universal and its timing irrelevant. Though underlying serious, it is loaded with laughs from inspired mental images, innocent irreverence, delicious non sequiturs and youthful ingenuousness in general. – Sunday Telegraph

The play consists of many scenes, bursting with life and imagery each with its own climax. – The Australian


It is 1838 and the young colony of New South Wales is deeply divided by issues of race, rank and religion. Now, to add to these problems, the newly appointed Governor to the colony must deal with the worsening violence occurring between Aborigines and squatters. In June, a band of white men massacre twenty-eight Aboriginal people at Myall Creek. The Governor must act. Under orders from London he must punish those guilty – an action he knows many will vehemently oppose and one which will further divide the colony. What to do? For the first time whites will hang for killing blacks.Massacre at Myall Creek is a play which explores the social and political climate in which this and other massacres took place. It examines the attitudes and policies that led to such inhumanity, while posing questions of ongoing and universal relevance.Play includes study units in the areas of English (issues and themes), drama, history and Aboriginal Studies.Read the script that has played to thousands of students and toured schools and other venues throughout Australia for 10 years.

This play can be obtained from Cambridge University Press.



A man interrogates a woman as she goes about her domestic chores. His questions are probing, sometimes brutal. Who is this man and what does he want? One thing is certain – he must finish his report. A surreal post-mortem. The play is one-act for two actors (one male, one female). Running time approximately 30-40 mins. The play is part of the “Popular One-Act Plays Volume 2” series and is available from Currency Press.

This play is available in book from Currency Press.